author: DAVID
As always with Jesse Jones Jr., he always creates excitement and surprise. His new album, Scat hop Daddy is really a toe tapper with energy to hear more. I'm glad to see a musician with vision to broaden his listening audience and fans.

The ever talented Jesse Jones! 
author: Mari
Jesse Jones is one of the best musicians ever to grace South Florida. He's come up with a terrific original concept with this album. It crosses lines & is sure to attract new audiences. He's taken scat singing into whole new arenas!

author: MELTON
I've been waiting on this sound and concept. Well, this music is in your bones. Love it. My brother Jesse

Jesse Jones Jr. The Father Of "Talent" 
author: Cathy
Where did that idea come from? Wow!, Wow! Wow! Get a good patient attorney. I think you started something big. Love the album, love the cover too. It had my grandkids dancing and they thought we were cool for playing it. Good Luck

Funk At It's Best 
author: Mickey
A whole new thing ''Funk At It's Best '' I Wish you the best Mickey Carroll Mother J Productions

Scat Hop Daddy! 
author: Jamie
And now for something completely different! I've known Jesse for years, and I can't tell you how blown away I was when I heard the first cut off this new CD. It put a huge smile on my face, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. And while the "style" is completely new and uh, not so "straight-ahead," the soul of Jesse Jones Jr. permeates this music. You must HEAR it to BELIEVE it!

Feeling the Funk of Father of Scat Hop 
author: Beverly
This CD really does it for me! I have been bopping and swaying all evening. I love the rhythm and flow.

Cool and Refreshing!! 
author: Alex
This music is cool to the senses and refreshing to my ears!! Uplifting and down right needed!

Get On Up On The Scat-Hop Bandwagon! 
author: Salli
This is high-energy, unique, fresh music worth checking out!

Father of Scat Hop
author: Yvonne
Jesse Jones, You never fail to impress us with your amazing ability to be innovative and unique! You have been given such a wonderful gift, that we can only wish the best for you. The many times we have performed together, we always sensed that there was so much more that you had to offer............the world is waiting for you Jesse, and it won't be disappointed.

Scat Hop Daddy
Author: D&D
fun, "scatologically" hip thing that makes you want to dance right out of your pants!


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