Jesse Jones Jr. is the Father of "Scat Hop" - a new music genre comprised of soul, funk, jazz, scat and rhythm and blues music. Scat Hop is a southern style of scat singing which often abandons traditional interpretations of scat in favor of a more rhythmic, up-tempo lexicon which more typically resembles a sort of funky singing-in-tongues. As well as being an amazingly unique vocalist, Jesse is also a virtuoso saxophonist, combining elements of Jazz, Fusion and Funk Soul blended into a fiery, passionate screamingly funky yet almost classical rendition. The underlying music of Scat Hop relies on a heavy Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Funk rhythm section reminiscent of the Parliament/Funkadelics version of funk.

Jesse is a Miami Jazz Hall of Fame inductee, and he claims Cannonball Adderley as one of his main influences instrumentally. Jesse performs regularly around Miami, around the USA and internationally to sold out audiences who love his conversational style of entertainment, which truly shines through in this virtuoso effort, Father of Scat Hop.

Also notably featured on the album is percussionist extraordinaire Joe Collado, Miami New Time's Percussionist of the Year for 2009. Joe fills out the rhythm section on Conga and latin Percussion.

Also contrubiting to the CD are the Miami RnB staples, the "Legendary" Ike Woods on lead and rhythm guitars, and his wife Val Woods on backup vocals.

Providing lead guitar chops is Dennis Sierra, guitarist from K.C. and the Sunshine Band.

Album was produced, mixed and engineered by noted Miami producer Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock.

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