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October 22, 2016

Birthday Jam Video 2015

I decided to start stepping up my video game, so on my birthday I took the opportunity to create a ...

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Interview with Jermaine Green, Producer

I've just published an interview between myself and a protege, Mr. Jermaine Green who has learned the ropes of being ...

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Roy Ayers: Life Is Just A Moment

Here is one of my favorite tracks by Roy Ayers Ubiquity, featuring the amazing bass talent of Byron Miller (who ...

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Music Production Samples

I wanted to share a few of the tracks I've helped produce over the last few years. Here are some tracks ...

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Video Copyright Tutorial

I've produced a short video which is quite educational in terms of teaching folks how to register their copyrights online. Check ...

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Bruce Nazarian - producer, engineer, recording artist

Music Business Interview: Bruce Nazarian

Hello, and Happy New Year from Hugh J. Hitchcock! I would like to bring to your attention to a brand new music ...

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New Interview: Ritmo Joe Collado Posted in The Funkatologist

Hey there, just a quick update to let you know that we've got another awesome, brand new interview just posted ...

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Rebuild of my Music Production Website

Those of you that know me, might realize that I own and operate a company and website called Groove-Phonic Mastering ...

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Web Dimensions On the Air with the SEO Show

On the heels of our ICC Keyworkz Product launch, we were invited onto The SEO Show with Frank Schwarz to ...

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Farewell Johnny! We Knew Ye Well

Sorry to hear of the passing of guitar legend Johnny Winter this last week. I was a huge JW freak back in ...

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MC5- Kick Out The Jams Brothers & Sisters

I saw the MC5 several times live at summer free concerts. They always opened with this (the "obscene" version!) MC5- Kick Out The ...

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Mitch Ryder and Detroit - Rock and Roll

Yeah baby Detroit Rock n Roll rules. Mitch Ryder and Detroit - Rock and Roll "After the Detroit wheels, Mitch had some releases ...

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Hugh - masc. proper name, from O.N.Fr. Hugues, O.Fr. Hue, from a Frank. name meaning "heart, mind," cf. O.H.G. Hugi, related to hugu "mind, soul, thought."
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my record FUNKMEISTER is an international hit! Certified Top 100

8D0C8415-edit-01-1Hello, and welcome to my website. When I first got onto the internet, my mind was blown with all the possibilities, and I went forth to create multiple businesses and hundreds of websites to support them. In the ensuing years, my various businesses have started to converge, so I no longer feel the need to have multiple websites under multiple domain names. Hence this new rebirth of my personal website here at http://www.hughjhitchcock.com.

In this site I have combined many of my endeavours under one roof, so to speak - you'll find links to all the sections throughout the site. You'll find entree into the acclaimed The Funkatologist libraries, plus sections about my musical releases such as Funkmeister and Jesse Jones Jr.'s Father of Scat Hop plus ongoing news of my current music production projects.

My software company Web Dimensions, Inc. is quite active these days and you'll find information about that as well on this site. In my off time I enjoy watching science fiction movies and silly comedy, among other things, and I sometimes post reviews - you'll find those in the appropriate sections of this site.

There is a lot to browse here - Enjoy! Sincerely, Hugh J. Hitchock Sept 15th, 2014

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