written by Hugh J. Hitchcock and Jesse Jones Jr. (c) 2010
published by Web Dimensions Music
copyright 2010 Funkatology Records LLC
Executive Producer: Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
Vocals, Scat and Scat Hop by Jesse Jones Jr.
Alto, Soprano and Baritone Saxophones and Flutes performed by Jesse Jones Jr.
Drums, Beats and Rhythms performed and arranged by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
Pianos, Organs and Synthesizers performed and arranged by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
Basslines and Basses performed and arranged by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
A small percentage of the guitar work also by Hugh J. Hitchcock
Horn Arrrangements by Hugh J. Hitchcock and Jesse Jones Jr.
Joe Collado: Conga and Latin Percussion
The "Legendary" Ike Woods: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Val Woods: Vocal
Dennis Sierra: Lead Guitars
Elisa Sintjago: "Cool" on "Get On Up"
Derek J. Mason: Additional lead guitar on "Scat Hop Daddy"
Norma Hitchcock: Vocal on "Step Wise"
Produced, Arranged, Orchestrated, Engineered and Mixed by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
Recorded September 2008 - December 2009 at Funkatology Records, Miami
Mastered by Kevin Nix at Ardent Studios, Memphis
Cover Photography and Album Design by Hugh J. Hitchcock

1. Scat Hop Daddy's in Town 1:47
2. Get On Up 5:06
3. Groovy Groove 7:37
4. Funk Mambo 6:30
5. This Is a Test 7:09
6. Scat Hop Photo Op 6:52
7. I Scat the Facts 8:26
8. I Just Can't Fake It 7:06
9. Scat Hop Daddy 5:47
10. Stepwise 6:37
All songs by Hitchcock & Jones
published by Web Dimensions Music

“I thank God for the gift that He gave me to share with you all.
I dedicate this record to my wife, Thelma, my family,
and to my many loyal fans for all their amazing support.
A special thanks to my friend Hugh J. Hitchcock, who had the belief
in me of ‘Yes, You Can,’ and produced this wonderful record.”
- Jesse Jones Jr., January 2010

copyright ©2010
Funkatology Records LLC



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