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Farewell Johnny! We Knew Ye Well

Sorry to hear of the passing of guitar legend Johnny Winter this last week. I was a huge JW freak back in the day, pretty much learned every song & every riff he played. When I was 13, I made the scene at the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival, where among the luminaries of the day,…

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Digital Recording Magic

When I decided to record my own album, I wanted do a lot of experimental stuff and really try to push the envelope. But I really didn’t know where to start — even though I tried everything, before I was through. After producing four albums on my own, and now having mastered and mixed countless…

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get my songs from ITunes

you can get my album on ITunes! here are the links: Ur Makin Me Hi Mixed Messages Be My Fantasy You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice Out Of Control If I Gave My Heart to You All I Know I Want to Love You Make No Mistake Stratus-Fear

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to buy the cd


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