July 22, 2018

Mt. Pinatubo Revisited

Mt. Pinatubo RevisitedMt. Pinatubo RevisitedHave a look at it here

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Just Messin'' Around

Just Messin'' AroundJust Messin'' AroundFor more information about Just Messin'' Around, go here

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Tap for a Sample - Electric Funk Jazz Free Download

Tap for a Sample - Electric Funk Jazz Free DownloadTap for a Sample - Electric Funk Jazz Free DownloadIF you ...

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Tap to hear a Sample of the Funk

Tap to hear a Sample of the FunkTap to hear a Sample of the FunkYou can find out more here

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Impromptu Jam with Jimi Ruccolo and Hugh Hitchcock

Impromptu Jam with Jimi Ruccolo and Hugh HitchcockImpromptu Jam with Jimi Ruccolo and Hugh HitchcockCheck it out here

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A Legend in his Own Mind - Hugh Hitchcock Busts Out the Funk

A Legend in his Own Mind - Hugh Hitchcock Busts Out the FunkA Legend in his Own Mind - Hugh ...

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Electric Jazz Funk - Download Now Free

Electric Jazz Funk - Download Now FreeElectric Jazz Funk - Download Now Freefor more on "Electric Jazz Funk - Download ...

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Hugh Hitchcock (artist and composer)

Hugh Hitchcock (artist and composer)Hugh Hitchcock (artist and composer)Click here to check it out

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Getting Ready for Blast Off

Spent more time wrangling technology than actually playing today, but I managed to record 30 seconds of music for you. ...

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Just Funkin' Around 🙂

Just Funkin' Around on the keys today!

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New Release by Damumalik

I'm honored to have been called to master this new release by Damu Malik. I also mixed two of the ...

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Get Out of Control with This Toe-Tapper

Here's another track from my 2010 release Funkmeister. My lovely wife Norma Hitchcock insisted I post this one because it's ...

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Hugh - masc. proper name, from O.N.Fr. Hugues, O.Fr. Hue, from a Frank. name meaning "heart, mind," cf. O.H.G. Hugi, related to hugu "mind, soul, thought."
if you want to get in touch, please please click here to send me email.

my record FUNKMEISTER is an international hit! Certified Top 100

This is a piccy of Hugh jamming on the bass with Norma Jean Bell & the All-Stars

Hello, and welcome to my website. When I first got onto the internet, my mind was blown with all the possibilities, and I went forth to create multiple businesses and hundreds of websites to support them. In the ensuing years, my various businesses have started to converge, so I no longer feel the need to have multiple websites under multiple domain names. Hence this new rebirth of my personal website here at http://www.hughjhitchcock.com.

In this site I have combined many of my endeavours under one roof, so to speak - you'll find links to all the sections throughout the site. You'll find entree into the acclaimed The Funkatologist libraries, plus sections about my musical releases such as Funkmeister and Jesse Jones Jr.'s Father of Scat Hop plus ongoing news of my current music production projects.

My software company Web Dimensions, Inc. is quite active these days and you'll find information about that as well on this site. In my off time I enjoy watching science fiction movies and silly comedy, among other things, and I sometimes post reviews - you'll find those in the appropriate sections of this site.

There is a lot to browse here - Enjoy! Sincerely, Hugh J. Hitchock Sept 15th, 2014

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