MEB Scifi Art

Hi Y’all. I was just going through some files and I re-discovered this amazing scan of some original artwork we had done for our band, the Martian Entropy Band, when I was around 17 years old. The artist is Randy Bathurst who was a semi-well-known science fiction fandom artist. Our bass player, Mike Gould, was quite well connected with the science fiction crowd and got Randy to do this incredible drawing, which we’ve used for t-shirts and will also be on the CD cover (we will be releasing a limited-edition album of archival concert recordings we did in the 1970s.) Check it out…

this image provided courtesy of Mike Gould who is the legal owner of the picture. This picture is protected by copyright but I wanted to share it with my readers because it is so cool!

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bass fishin’


what is the deal with the fisherman with the bass guitar?

a long time ago in Ann Arbor Michigan I had a friend who was an awesome guitarist, who was a bit younger than me. His first name was Mike and I don’t remember his last name but I’m sure he’s done great things with his music because he was just a wonderful guitar player. Another great young musician discovered by RonRico Morris, as I recall. Anyway, one time Mike showed up with this book he’d bought for me and doctored up. (Mike if yer out there, please say hey! I will probably recall your last name one of these days.)

[ OK I remember his last name when I went back to Ann Arbor and talked to my friends, the know him also, his name is Michael Josephs and how ironic I would forget his last name because he is now an amazingly successful composer, having penned the theme for America’s Most Wanted TV show in the 90s and done countless other things for movies and the Discovery channel. Check him out here -Hugh 8/6/09 ]

It was a book called “Advanced Bass Fishing” and it was not about music as you can guess! It was about fishing for bass, that wonderful freshwater species prevalent all over the united states. So Mike had seen this book in a bookstore, interpreted it in the musical sense, and, figuring I’d get a kick out of it, he’d cut the image of a Music Man bass (which happened to be my bass guitar at the time) out of the cover of an issue of Bass Player magazine and glued it onto the front of this book and gave it to me as a gift.

Later, when I was working with Norma Jean Bell, somehow it got worked into the act, about halfway through the show they would bring me out and I would then perform a “Fishin’ Musician” country and western tune in which I would first brandish this book and say some inanities and then sing Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen’s “Lost in the Ozone Again”, and I would do this schtick where I would pretend my bass was a tuba and blow on the fins while hammering-on some notes. Really ridiculous trick I learned from watching a Vegas band that played in the Renaissance Center one time when we had a gig there. At any rate they all liked it when I did it, even in the downtown urban Detroit atmosphere. So the Fishin’ Musician prevailed with Advanced Bass Fishing and Lost in the Ozone Again.

In fact I had even forgotten about this book until Randall Jacobs, the guitarist from that gig (and also the guitarist for Dave Koz, Was Not Was, and writer of the song “Walk the Dinosaur”) reminded me of it on MySpace. So I resurrected the book. Big Hey to Randy, wassup man!!!

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Make No Mistake

Annual Easter Egg Roll Held At The White House

Make No Mistake
composed, arranged, performed, produced and engineered by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
audio mix remastered 7/14/09
video re-edited on 7/16/09
saxophone by Jesse Jones Jr.
Latin percussion by Joe Collado
Video by Jay Surrell
Original CD artwork by Olavo Machado Neto

What can I say about this elixir, errr… movie? Well… Jay Surrell, of, the guy who did the video for me, did an excellent job of not only encapsulating my regurgitation of the last eight political years in this country (which he gleaned from the music itself) but he also took it several steps further and added some very nice touches, like the sheep running one way on elevated terror and then the other way on low terror. Love it!!!

I don’t personally feel the president is a liar, I think he believes in himself, but people seem to like the part where his nose grows so I figured I’d leave it in. It’s too bad we feel to make videos like this in the first place, but I think the video guy did an incredible job for a very small budget so let’s hear it for Jay.

This video is not a big Hollywood production, obviously. It is one of those YouTube videos. However, the music track is solid at 192k mp3 and should sound great through a good set of speakers if you have your computer hooked up. The video itself is meant to amuse and not to abuse. If I had done the vid myself I might not even have taken it this far, and those who know me realise that would be some restraint on my part, but I think Jay just about said it all. I hope you enjoy it, and please leave me detailed comments if you are so moved.

all of my good photos are still up in the attic so we’re waiting on those. Meanwhile we used what we have. Jesse and me doing a Sunday afternoon gig in Liberty City, that’s a good one LOL

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programmer’s blog


A while back, I received the following email, which I thought was funny enough to keep:


Dear CARFAX Customer,

You may have recently received an email from “Carfax the Wonder Dog“.
Unfortunately, this email was not meant to be sent and we apologize for
any inconvenience this may have caused. Please delete the email.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


as a programmer I know all too well how something like this can happen… it’s late, you’re tired, you’ve been staring at the code for days, you need to do a test of an email application so you write a stupid note and let it fly, realising only after it’s gone that you had actually sent it to a real-life client of the company you work for.

I recently did something similar and accidentally sent a photo of some trees in my backyard to a client’s customer, purporting to be from a “Test Hitchcock” and announcing that it was a resume for a potential job candidate for a ship’s engineer’s position. I immediately emailed him explaining my mistake, and a fairly funny exchange followed. I will excerpt part of it here. The customer is a salty sea dog of a boat captain, and replied with the usual good humour seemingly associated with such men:


Hi <department head’s name />, 

   When I got this, before I got the other one from the real Mr Hitchcock, I had started to write a letter say that I thought this guy looked to be out of his tree, but maybe if he had experience of Gardiner engines we should go out on a limb and give him a test on <ship’s name> in case Willie leaves and branches out into something else. I even had thought about having known Mr Hitchcock’s brother-in-law, Mr Ballcock the plumber who has the nickname Leaky – maybe you know Leaky Ballcock?

      Anyway – now I know it was not a joke, I do not need to write any of that bollocks……..

       Y’all have a good weekend,

      Cheers,   John


LOL!!!! I replied again, inviting him to ask me about the time my friend Mark Murrell had me paged in a Chinese restaurant… that’s a funny one to be posted at a later date…

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