Make No Mistake

Make No Mistake
composed, arranged, performed, produced and engineered by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
audio mix remastered 7/14/09
video re-edited on 7/16/09
saxophone by Jesse Jones Jr.
Latin percussion by Joe Collado
Video by Jay Surrell
Original CD artwork by Olavo Machado Neto

What can I say about this elixir, errr… movie? Well… Jay Surrell, of, the guy who did the video for me, did an excellent job of not only encapsulating my regurgitation of the last eight political years in this country (which he gleaned from the music itself) but he also took it several steps further and added some very nice touches, like the sheep running one way on elevated terror and then the other way on low terror. Love it!!!

I don’t personally feel the president is a liar, I think he believes in himself, but people seem to like the part where his nose grows so I figured I’d leave it in. It’s too bad we feel to make videos like this in the first place, but I think the video guy did an incredible job for a very small budget so let’s hear it for Jay.

This video is not a big Hollywood production, obviously. It is one of those YouTube videos. However, the music track is solid at 192k mp3 and should sound great through a good set of speakers if you have your computer hooked up. The video itself is meant to amuse and not to abuse. If I had done the vid myself I might not even have taken it this far, and those who know me realise that would be some restraint on my part, but I think Jay just about said it all. I hope you enjoy it, and please leave me detailed comments if you are so moved.

all of my good photos are still up in the attic so we’re waiting on those. Meanwhile we used what we have. Jesse and me doing a Sunday afternoon gig in Liberty City, that’s a good one LOL