update 2011-3-16

I’d like to say Hello to Carlos Mantilla in Bucaramanga Columbia — he’s the latest DJ to add my record FUNKMEISTER to the playlist over at Radio 96.9 Bucaramanga! Thanks Carlos. My second release “Mixed Messages” off the record has also been doing well in the international charts this year, so thanks everyone. Be sure to sign up for your free mp3 download right here on this website (check the sidebar for the free signup!)

I’ve posted a new video of a recent show I did with Ike and Val Woods here. I think it was a pariticularly good performance by the group that night over at the Van Dyke Cafe in South Beach, although you can’t see me very well (or at all!) in the video because of the zoom factor of the automated camera. But you can hear the whole band really well, it was a great mix.

I’ve opened a new website for mastering over at http://www.groovephonic.com so if anyone needs any mastering done, please consider hiring us to do it. We’ve had a lot of years in this business and we know what we’re doing when it comes to putting out a good radio quality master, so head on over to groovephonic to get your groove on. We are currently offering a special of $198 for an entire album mastered, and you can upload your files right on the website. Check us out!

more later…. h.