Tocando la Musica del Pueblo con Benito y Alejandro


I recently made a trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and I had the great pleasure to play some music with my Suegro (father-in-law) Sr. Benito Alonzo and his great friend and wonderful Bajero Sr. Alejandro Galindo. They know a “monton” de songs in the Latin American traditional vein, and they gave me the great opportunity to play a set with them in the afternoon out at Benito’s farm which is about a two-hour drive into the mountains from Tegucigalpa. I was given this opportunity back in 2002 when I visited, but I have since learned how to play this music pretty well so it went quite well this time, and I also had the presence of mind to bring along an audio recording device, so I recorded the session this time. You should be able to hear the music if you have a soundcard, Flash installed on your computer, and a decent internet connection. So Listen, and enjoy!

the road to Shandala

El Sr. Alejandro Galindo toca bajo
yours truly on rhythm guitar
Sr. Benito Alonzo toca raquinto con su hija la Norma Bonita que canta

photos by Trino “Feliz Navidad”