Some Recent Production Work I Did

I have recently produced an album for an artist from India named Sam Robinson Thalluri. Sam is a very good man and a Christian minister as well. He comes from the Bollywood tradition, but is also very hung up on American Rock and Rhythm and Blues as well as British Rock like Phil Collins. In fact, I would liken Sam’s voice very much to Phil Collins.

Sam’s melodies are likeable, well written, and catchy, and his songs are full of Christian Soul. The only problem with Sam is his inner conflict between Bollywood and American Rock… supposedly the Indian musicians don’t really get the idea about the kick drum and bass in the rhythm section, and they tend to be very top heavy in their mixing and mastering. So Sam specifically hired me to give his songs a big American Rock feel with a touch more bottom, which I think I did admirably.

Sam is in India now and I wonder how much my production will be influencing the Indian musicians — apparently Sam has a wide range of music contacts in India, and the funny thing is that he’s been asking me to share my midi and production files with these producers, which I’ve said time and time again, is against the rules of the house (Groove-Phonic/Funkatology Records) — we don’t share our production secrets! That is, unless of course you want to pay some very pretty pennies for it!

Anyway, I think the album is very nice, at Sam’s request I mixed in a lot of ethnic Indian instruments along with the American rock rhythm section. Here are a few tracks from the record, please enjoy them.

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I started on this album in October of 2010, and finished it in the first part of 2012.

Personnel are as follows:

Sam Robinson Thalluri: Vocals, acoustic guitar, songwriter

Hugh J. Hitchcock: bass, lead and rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, drums, ethnic instruments, production, engineering, arrangement, mixing, mastering