Some Feedback on my CD “FUNKMEISTER”

Hi Folks! Well it seems people are really liking my record FUNKMEISTER… I was just a little surprised to learn that it has somehow ended up in the top ten on the Hip Hop chart on CBFX Radio, which is a big college radio station in British Columbia! Various DJs around the world have been getting word back to me that they like the CD, so I thought I’d proudly share some of the comments I’ve been getting… so here are a few for your edification. I know, this is ego-maniacal spewing forth of self-praise… but as I mentioned before, this is what this website is for <grin>…

this one comes from Graham Barclay of Soundwave FM in New Zealand:

Hi Hugh, Many Sincere Thanks for the CD” Funkmeister ” that you sent us recently. BRILLIANT – EXCELLENT We have enjoyed it immensly, and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up. Many thanks again, and please stay in touch. Kind regards Graham J Barclay

thanks so much Graham, I aim to please and I’m glad I’ve hit the mark! I’ll definitely stay in touch and I’ll send you a copy of my next album “Father of Scat Hop” which will be releasing in March!

the next comment is from George Young from Country Club Radio in Australia:

Hi Hugh, We love the groove on this disc. Could be the most funky thing ever to come out of Memphis. It’s all good. Cheers George Young

Hey George, thanks so much for your positive feedback. Actually, I’m in Miami (!) although we did get the CD mastered out of a famous studio in Memphis. Will stay in touch fer sher!

This one comes from the Netherlands, which happens to be the home country of the singer on my CD, Elisa Sintjago:

Hi Hugh, Loved your album. So did my listeners. Hope to hear more from your. Happy Holidays, Paul van Kuik The Country Express Radio 0162 – Dongen The Netherlands

Pierre Gerard from Planete Indie in France had this to say:

I have received the cd. I liked it a lot and have spinned it recently. You can check the playlists online at :

Thanks so much for your support at Planete Indie. Pierre you will also be receiving a copy of our next album, “Father of Scat Hop” due out this month.

You can get a sneak preview of the upcoming CD by pointing your browser to And turn up the volume!

Until next time, this is your chief funkatologist, signing out.

Jesse Jones Jr.: Father of Scat Hop

this is the album cover for my next record which I produced on my long-time
 lifetime friend, Jesse Jones Jr. I can’t wait till it comes out next month!