shameless hype

that’s what it is — gratuitous commercialism running rampant. But I thought I’d let you know that I have created a radio spot (rather long one at about 5 minutes in length) to promote my new CD, which is shipping now. I have decided to spare the readers of this website the constant bombardment of my self-aggrandizement, by moving the funkmeister promo to the website, where it belongs. Now that there is both a Funkmeister CD AND a Funkmeister BAND, we now have for the band P. R. and for the CD promotion. So check out my commercial if you have a chance… those of you who know me will recognise my tongue-in-cheek style of presentation, selling summer espadrilles on WJZZ Detroit, complete with an appearance by THE captain at the end. Gosh it’s enough to make me want to go out and buy this thing right away! Actually at this point I’m drumming my fingertips waiting for it to get logged into CD Baby’s database and they’re running behind.

On another note I’d like to announce that Jesse Jones Jr.’s new, self-produced album “The So Then Collection” has moved up to around position #18 on the jazz charts as of last week. I will say, this is no small accomplishment. Jesse worked hard for it too, completed his album over a matter of about ten years since his previous album. It was definitely worth it. You can check Jesse out here or buy his album here if you want to. I don’t even have to tell you the music is heavenly. I’ll try to write a review soon, check back.

While I’m shamelessly promoting myself, I might as well point out that, while Michael Jackson has been in the news a lot lately, I myself have a professional connection to Michael Jackson, albeit through a degree of separation, but not six degrees. The person that did the spacey synthesizer effects on my tune Captain Jarvis, which was produced by Paul Riser (Motown producer) for Noel Pointer, Jazz Violinist, on his album Feel It on United Artists label, was Michael Boddicker. Michael Boddicker did the synthesizer effects on Michael’s best selling album of all time, Thriller. He also was on Bad. All right, enough about me.