Rebuild of my Music Production Website

Those of you that know me, might realize that I own and operate a company and website called Groove-Phonic Mastering and Mixing, through which I offer music production services, and via whom I have many musical clients. I’ve just done a complete rebuild-out of the website – check it out if you have a chance: .


The rebuild of the site included completely rewriting my extensive back-end, which I had originally done in Microsoft c# (and married myself to a Microsoft web server in the process) and converting all the code to PHP and MySQL on a Linux server running Apache. This was no easy task, since the entire system is one that I designed myself, which integrates with AWeber email marketing services to gather opt-ins, shepherd them into the site via a unique upload link for their tracks to be sent to us for one free master per customer. This marketing system¬†has served as a great marketing tactic and it also keeps me in touch with the pulse of today’s music, so to speak. And now, it’s all built for the future – Web 3.0, LAMP based system, cloud-based file serving and fully integrated with my email marketing and payment systems. Rock on, Groove-Phonic!

I’m kinda proud of a couple of albums I finished producing recently so we’re featuring some of that on the site now. (More about that on this site coming up soon!)