Quit Cryin’ Redux!

This is a song I wrote in 1988, recorded on analog tape in 1993, brought the analog mixdown into digital in 2008 and finally remixed that and re-mastered in 2012.

The song was inspired by a recording session at Cloudborn Studio in 1978 with Lamont Johnson doing recordings for his album “Music of the Sun”. I had been brought in by my dear friend Ronrico Morris. Ron was complaining in his lovable way about not having enough money for ciggies or something, and Lamont said…

Quit Cryin’!

quit cryin

So… Ron and I turned that phrase into an institution… and I ended up writing this silly song about it, years later, and it still haunts me to this day… LOL nahh it’s just a silly little ditty but it has a lot of funky chops in it… check it out. And share this!