Origin of the Martian Entropy Band (abridged)

it was the wee hours of a tuesday night a few years back, a rather "unmanaged" but talented fifteen-year-old was walking down a dingy, deserted downtown avenue and heard a blues band playing in a bar (dive). He walked in and saw the dude fronting the band was another hippie-type individual (though just a bit older) who was playing a twelve string acoustic guitar with a pickup and a metal slide while singing soulful verses through a microphone. The 15 year old walked up to this dude and said "Hey man I have a moog synthesizer." And the Martian Entropy Band was formed.

Warp Factor 217: I wrote this piece when I was 15 years old and it took some bad-ass playaz to git it right! With Mike Gould and Tim Prosser and Douglas Brown

Posted by Hugh Hitchcock on Friday, December 2, 2016