News 1/10/2011

Hello World,

Just lettin’ ya know, I’ve just released a second single from my album FUNKMEISTER, “Mixed Messages” which is now being played internationally. This is a song featuring the very talented Elisa Sintjago ( as well as Jesse Jones Jr. on saxophone (, and presenting a very talented guitarist who happens to be a very

Alejandro Galindo of 'Los Catrachos' CD tocando bajo

longtime friend (I’ve known him since I was 14 years old ) — Mr. Derek Mason from Vancouver, who runs Derek Mason Music Productions ( out of his 28th floor oceanview studio in that city. Derek does a smoking guitar solo on the tune. Please register on the sidebar for your free mp3 downloads of my two singles! Or click here =>


 In other news, I’ve released two more albums this last year. The first one is an amazing live recording of authentic Honduran folk music played by authentic Hondurans — my wife’s father, S. Benito Alonzo, is an amazing guitarist and requinto player. We visited him on his ranch in the mountains of Honduras this last summer, and I brought along a digital recorder, so when we sat down to play some tunes, I had the recorder turned on and we ended up with some really marvelous tracks, featuring also a great Bajista named Alejandro Galindo who plays a homemade Honduran “Bass banjo” or whatever you might call it. (See the picture). You can pick up copies of this CD at my e-commerce outlet at 


the Martian Entropy Band CD cover pictureAnd the last but not least release of the year for me has been the long-awaited first CD of my “alma mater” group, or the group I really cut my musical teeth on way back in the 1970s, the Martian Entropy Band ( This group had three major influences: Frank Zappa, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and the Firesign Theatre. So you can imagine, the fare varies from the sublime to the absurd. I had some really old tapes to work with so I really took my time mastering this record, ironing out the bumps and inconsistencies in the time-warped recordings, and at the end of the day I believe the overall product came out really well and is a fine representation of the amazing talents in this band, including my dear friends, Mike Gould on bass and vocals (, Tim Prosser on guitar and vocals (, and the late, great Bill Gracie on drums. Added to this mix for selected performances was the fine professional talents of Mr. Douglas Brown on bass and trombone. I invite you to join the Martian Entropy Band Fan Club, just go to and you will receive two free downloads from the album (and you can purchase copies there if you want!)

Also, we Martians were lucky enough to have some really great people around the band helping us, including a very talented video professional named Steve Wild, who produced an amazing music video on the band back in 1973, about ten years before MTV was a household term. I’ve published parts of the video, you can view part 1 and part 2 or just check the video links on this website.

Happy New Year, everyone!



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