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Why Should You Choose Hugh to Help You with Your Music Production?

Why should you choose Hugh to help with your music production?

Certainly there are a lot of other producers to choose from, varying in results and expense. I believe I will provide you with the best combination of experience and know-how plus a genuine feel for almost every kind of music. My personal preference, hence probably my specialties are mainly RnB, Funk, Soul, and Jazz Fusion type of feel.

Here is an incomplete list of musical works featuring my contribution from being writer, arranger, producer, session player and/or computer music engineer.

Noel Pointer "Feel It" [United Artists] composed hit tune from album Captain Jarvis

Jerry Carr - this Must Be Heaven [Atlantic] - wrote the horn parts & directed

Mike Hanopol at one time was one of the biggest rock stars in Asia and considered the "Father of Pinoy Rock". I produced and engineered his comeback album called "Buhay Amerika Pilyong Bata"

Hugh Hitchcock "Funkmeister" [Funkatology] - Self-produced first album got top 100 int'l airplay award

Jesse Jones Jr. "Father of Scat Hop" [Funkatology] I produced this album on Miami Jazz Hall of Famer Jesse Jones Jr.

Canciones Del Pueblo "Catrachos" [Funkatology] I played & recorded live in Honduras

Sam Robinson Thalluri "Paradise" - produced entire album from acoustic guitar demos

Dennis Sierra "Song of Life" - I mixed and mastered this album

Jesse Jones Jr. Scat Hop Remix - composed, arranged, produced

Jarvis Prevails (Pre-Release) This is from my upcoming album to be released in 2019.


Hugh J. Hitchcock Miami Music Producer

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