Hello World! I figured it was about time to let you all hear some of mysongs. This catalog ranges from 1985 to the present in terms of dates the songs were written, although these tracks were produced between January of 2008 and May of 2009. But seriously folks, ain’t nothin’ but a groove or two. I hope you dig it. I did all the recording, mixing and producing, and I pretty much wrote all the songs, but I had a little help from some friends, starting with the incomparable Jesse Jones Jr. on saxophones and flutes, giving this work a bit of class. Then you have the highly creative vocalist Elisa Sintjago, who really learned the material inside and out, and made it her own. Spice that up with Dennis Sierra’s funky guitar chops, some stinging solos by Derek Mason, and Joe Collado’s masterful percussion chops on “Make No Mistake”, and we all finally overcame our “Stratus-Fear” when Mr. Bigfoot Larry Hirt stomped the drums and Jimi Ruccolo burned the guitar.
The creation of this CD has been a journey of discovery from start to finish. But it has paved the way for lots of new creations up and coming. To get all the details, please  visit my websites:
Thanks for checking me out. RESPECT :: PEACE,  h. 2009.07.01
Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock :: FUNKMEISTER
All drum and synthesizer programming by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
All basses, pianos, organs and synthesizers performed by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
Alto, soprano and baritone saxophones and flute : Jesse Jones Jr.
Lead and background vocals : Elisa Sintjago.
Engineered, mixed and produced by Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock
All songs published by Web Dimensions Music
Cover art by Olavo Machado Neto
Inside cover photo by Mike Gould
Recorded at Funkatology Records Miami January 2008 – May 2009
Mastered by Kevin Nix at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN
© copyright 2009 Funkatology Records LLC all rights reserved

Ronrico, Quit Cryin’

1. Ur Makin Me Hi (H. Hitchcock) 5:22
Dennis Sierra : lead and rhythm guitars
Dedicated to : My Friends in Detroit
2. Mixed Messages (H. Hitchcock, E. Sintjago) 5:43
Derek Mason : lead guitars
HJH : rhythm guitars, additional vocal
Dedicated to : Elisa Sintjago
3. Be My Fantasy (H. Hitchcock) 5:08
Dennis Sierra : lead guitars
Dedicated to : Norma Hitchcock
4. You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice (H. Hitchcock) 5:01
HJH : all guitars
Dedicated to : H. Wiley Hitchcock
5. Out Of Control (H. Hitchcock) 4:26
Derek Mason : lead guitars
HJH : rhythm guitars
Dedcated to : Norma Hitchcock
6. If I Gave My Heart to You (H. Hitchcock) 4:31
Dennis Sierra : lead guitars
HJH : lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Dedicated to : Norma Hitchcock
7. All I Know (H. Hitchcock) 4:20
Derek Mason : lead guitars
HJH : Additional Vocal
Dedicated to : Helene Jarvis Hitchcock
8. I Want to Love You (H. Hitchcock) 5:41
Dennis Sierra : lead guitars
HJH : Additional Vocal
Dedicated to : Lydia Anduze
9. Make No Mistake (H. Hitchcock) 5:55
Joe Collado : Conga, Timbales, Latin Percs
Vocals : George W. Bush
Dedicated to : George W. Bush
10. Stratus-Fear (H. Hitchcock) 5:09
Jimi Ruccolo : lead guitars
Larry Hirt : TD20 electronic drum kit
Dedicated to : Larry Hirt and Bill Gracie
Jesse Jones Jr. for his unbounded musical generosity
Elisa Sintjago for bringing the songs to life
Larry Hirt for being in my corner
Joe Collado for staying true
Derek Mason for lighting my path to digital recording
Tim Prosser and Mike Gould Peace, Cheese, and Good Person
this album is dedicated to my cherished wife
Norma Cristina Alonzo de Hitchcock
and is presented in Loving Memory of
Helene Jarvis Hitchcock