Brave New Worlds – documentary on science fiction 1993

I met Swiss artist Giger. I saw his paintings.

The idea was born.

If I succeed in translating his art on movie screen, it would be the most wonderous monster ever seen.

It represents sexual menace. It is vividly sexual being.

It has strange mixture of attraction and repulsion.

Physically the most unpleasant part of 1st movie was the ending.

Ripley is in escape pod, in her underwear, and the creature is sitting in the dark covered with slime.

It was so unpleasant for me. I wanted to take a shower.

People said it is a metaphor for the cancer.

Something that is growing in you and take hold of you.

There are many levels that make creature good.

It awakens fears in you.

Some monsters don’t succeed in that.

They don’t have deep roots that will help them be scary.

How do you mask a person? Cheapest thing is put make-up on someone.

Let him walk around and talk out of syntax.

Year 1984 William Gibson starts Cyberpunk with the novel “Neuromancer”.

That was quick graphical offshoot of pop culture.

Here the hi-tech meets human garbage in world of hackers, tech junkies and artificial organs.

Some of my readers think that I write on something like stealth bomber.

Actually I write on the obsolite computer that I bought two years ago.

Till that I wrote on plane typewriter.

I didn’t even touch the computer until I started writing this.

I think it was an advantage for my imagination.

I wasn’t inhibited with what was possible.

Cyberpunk is literary movement and not visual.

People say that good cyberpunk movie has not yet been made.

Reason to that is because it’s hard, if not impossible, for a movie to express ideas of Cyberpunk W. Gibson was asked to write screenplay for Alien 3.

It was rejected. Because it was unfilmable.

Books of Neal Stephenson are sequel to books by W. Gibson.

If “Neuromancer” has sequel it’s “Snow Crash”.

When I was writing “Snow Crash” I lived in suburbia.

For days I drove around there seeing same things over.

I realized it’s the land of the future.

Not some post apocalypse desert or a city.

Future will be happening in suburbia.

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