Brand New Day

All right I’m back after quite some time without updating the website — I’ve just updated everything to a whole fresh new look and I think this website will provide a whole new user experience to people interested in what’s going on with me and my world. Yeah Baby!

Main thing going on with me is that I’ve been running a pretty busy online music production service over at If you want to try mastering, just come on over and upload your song. We’re getting a lot of clients for mixing too, and we’re turning out some really hot sounds so check us out.

Also I’ve written a software program to help bloggers manage content on their websites, I’m planning to release that as a product for sale in a couple of weeks and hopefully it will be fairly successful because we’ve got a pretty good marketing plan in place. I’ll post the details when it happens.

I finished Sam Robinson Thalluri’s album and it sounds great. I’ll be posting some excerpts from that in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.