Web Dimensions, Inc.

Web Dimensions, Inc. is a web and software development company incorporated in Florida, USA since 2002. The company has had some long time corporate clients but since 2012 we've mainly been involved with marketing our own software to our loyal customer base.

We are known for our mission ethics and great customer service on top of our superiour software tools.

Web Dimensions, Inc. was started by Hugh J. Hitchcock in 2002 to service corporate programming clients. In recent years he has taken the company more into the realm of groundbreaking content creation tools for internet marketers.

Web Dimensions' first product release was called Instant Content Curator Pro and was launched in May of 2012. The software was an instant success in its niche, garnering over 4,000 sales in the first week of its launch. Its success was soon followed by two more smash products - Viral Image Curator Pro and Viral Video Curator Pro, both of which were hits with bloggers who create lots of content online and Viral Image Curator Pro won the WSO of the Year award in Graphics software for 2012.

Then came another wave of popular products -- ICC Express, ICC Keyworks, Silo Factory Plugin, PageView Exploder plugin. In 2013 the company's gross was hard to reconcile, this company having been started by someone who was basically a starving musician in a previous life.

Web Dimensions, Inc. continues to grow and put out more and more great products. We'll keep you posted with Web Dimensions news right here on this website.