Science Fiction - Wisely

(the rantings of a science fiction freak)

Here is an excellent article which examines the cold-war mentality which produced one of my guiltiest pleasures in life - science fiction monster watching!

Photo by The Unexpectedables

The Delicious Dreadfulness of Nuclear Monsters

"People who want to talk about the jumpy, kitschy, gloriously lurid movie genre we now know as 1950s sci-fi usually start with Susan Sontag. This is not because Sontag is a bug-eyed alien or 50 feet tall but because she wrote, in 1965, the definitive essay on Cold War dystopian fantasy: 'The Imagination of Disaster.' 'We live,' she claimed in that piece, 'under continual threat of two equally fearful, but seemingly opposed, destinies: unremitting banality and inconceivable terror.' The job of science fiction was at once to 'lift us out of the unbearably humdrum... by an escape into dangerous situations which have last-minute happy endings' and to 'normalize what is psychologically unbearable, thereby inuring us to it.'... "

The sculpture in this photo was apparently inspired by the movie The Green Slime which is actually not from the same period that the article discusses -- but it looks pretty good and definitely depicts a nuclear monster! Did you see this movie on TV?

Do you like monsters?