Pure2 Signal Path For a Typical Mastering Set Up

Pure2 is a mastering grade 24Bit/192kHz AD/DA 2 channel converter and master clock that includes a relay controlled volume attenuator. Pure2 can be used in many ways. One of the more conventional ways is a traditional mastering setup using an analog loop. Once the Pure2 is set up and installed we can then set up a send and return channel in your desired DAW, in this case LogicX. The send channel is set up to output on USB Play Stereo Out 1&2. This is then routed in the Pure2 control panel to go to the DA 1&2. This feeds the analog chain of your favorite outboard processors. The output of that analog chain is then sent back to Analog In 1&2 on the Pure2. The signal is then routed in the Pure2 control panel as USB REC 1&2. The return channel then receives this signal once armed and monitoring.

This way you can now process the analog loop with your preferred software plug-ins.

Your return signal is set to output from the Stereo Output 3&4. This is then sent to the Monitor Outputs via the Pure2 control panel, which then feeds your outputs to monitor the entire chain. In this way, using Pure2 we can process our stereo signal via our analog chain and our software plug-ins while hearing and monitoring the whole chain. We can also monitor each individual part of the chain, allowing us to A/B between different processors.