My Record “Funkmeister”

FUNKMEISTER: In 2009 (then remastered in 2010 lol) I released my actual first album under my own name. Better late than never, I guess – I'd been bringing a lot of tunes with me for some years and a lot of them were based around female vocals, since that's the kind of band I'd worked in for years and years. So I released an album with primarily female vocals, with my own songs and myself in control of production. I did it this way mainly to get a feel for producing, without the onus being so much on my own performance, sort of trying to take a cue from Quincy Jones.

My next album, currently in production, will be the opposite, incidentally – it's much more focused on what I do and what people think of me or remember me for, which is bass slapping and ethereal keyboard and guitar work etc.

Certainly back then I had a lot to learn as a producer, but still I was able to win an award for top 100 international airplay with a song from this album (Funkmeister.)

The record was produced with lots of help from long-time friend Jesse Jones Jr. on winds and and an amazing vocalist, Elisa Sintjago out front bringing my tunes to life and Dennis Sierra adding some spice on the guitar.

(btw I've learned to turn the reverb down a bit since this ๐Ÿ™‚

Posted by Hugh Hitchcock on Friday, December 2, 2016