musical bio

Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock: composer, producer, writer, lyricist, arranger, performer, artist, record executive, software engineer Current projects include: the new Funkmeister CD, and a new album for Jesse Jones Jr. Hugh has worked on stage or in the studio with the following people of note: Anita Baker (famed songstress, “Sweet Love”) Luis Resto (producer, Eminem) Stephen…

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Axel’s on 8 Mile with Norma Jean Bell

Hugh J. Hitchcock performing with Norma Jean Bell & the All-Stars

I went down to Florida with my Thai girlfriend in May of 1982. We both got homesick after a while, so we came back up to Michigan in January of 1983. After returning to Michigan, I scored a gig with Norma Jean Bell and the All-Stars, who had a house gig at a club in…

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